Hickory's Problem Solver

Meet Lou

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45 years ago, Lou Wetmore saw potential in Hickory. He believed so strongly in the opportunities Hickory provided that he risked his entire career to stay. Now, Lou wants to bring back the same feeling of excitement to the citizens.

Lou believes Hickory’s future depends on careers and business opportunities brought to the next generation. As a former young entrepreneur, Lou knows what it takes to make this happen.

"Hickory needs a salesman. Our city needs someone to not only sell companies to come here, but to also sell our next generation of home-grown talent to stay and make this their home."

3 Keys to Selling Businesses on Hickory

  • Amenities

    In order to attract businesses to Hickory, we have to realize their first priority is attracting young, fresh talent. You can’t do that without offering amenities such as the Riverwalk and Citywalk. We have to get these projects completed and start looking at ways to lower our tax burden to make Hickory an affordable place to start a life, raise a family, and retire. 

  • Roads

    Commerce relies on transit. Transit relies on infrastructure. If we don’t improve our roads and the ease of commute for companies, they will not come here. This is why I believe it’s crucial to repave our downtown, along with all city roads to provide residents with the best possible commute. 

  • Technology

    We’ve missed out on vital opportunities by not improving our greatest assets. We need to lay fiber-optic cable and provide fiber technology to our businesses and residents. If we can offer technology and assets that other places lack, it’s a no-brainer to move and start a company in Hickory.

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I’m Lou Wetmore. Hickory is my home. I came here, stayed here, raised my family here, and one day I’ll retire here. I believe Hickory is the best place for all three phases of life. I’m asking for your vote so I can bring my tenacity and experience to City Council, so that we can help Hickory and its residents reach their full potential. Please vote for me on October 8th, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me personally at (828)270-7673. 

- Lou